The Paradox of Egoism

I don't know where this list originally came from. I found it on the copier in my department office. But I think it is a good expression of the paradox of egoism: i.e., that pursuing your own happiness in fact does not make you happy. Note the title.  



  1. Make yourself the center of your world.

  2. Never stop thinking about yourself.

  3. Pay close attention to everything people say about you.

  4. Insist that people agree with you.

  5. Expect to be appreciated.

  6. Sulk if you donít get your way.

  7. Be very sensitive to slights.

  8. Never forgive criticism.

  9. Trust nobody but yourself.

  10. Always be on the lookout for a good time for yourself.

  11. Shirk your duties whenever you can get away with it.

  12. Do as little as possible for others.




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