In this second section, we learn critical thinking tools — the elements of logic — and we practice clear and vigorous writing.


You should plan to work at least forty hours total on these sections.


In Spring 2005, the Logic and writing work is done concurrently in the first four weeks of the class.


We will have two exams on this material: one on Logic, and one on writing.

Tuesday March 1, 2005: TEST 1 on LOGIC (7% of grade)

Thursday March 3, 2005: TEST 2 on ENGLISH (7% of grade) — First attempt


You should take the English exam on March 3 to get a baseline score, and you may repeat it two more times (three times total) until 11:55 PM Monday March 21. The test must be graded by a human, so you need to give the grader a couple of days turnaround time for each attempt. I will count your highest grade. The English exam is the ONLY piece of work for this class for which you get multiple attempts. If you do not score above 54 on the English exam by March 21, your essays are unlikely to be technically adequate to pass the class.



Be sure to look carefully at the Study Guides for these tests, and take all the self-tests on this material before the tests. (See Table of Contents.)




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