Philosophy 22 Philosophy of Religion

Midterm 2

Due Monday April 24




Write on three of the following questions (each worth 83.3 points).  Write on a fourth question for extra credit (up to 50 points).


For information on how your essays will be graded, see the “Criteria for Grading Written Assignments” in the Syllabus.


  1. Does religious experience provide justification for theism?


  1. People who believe in personal immortality are usually substance dualists.  Explain substance dualism and contrast it with another view of personhood, e.g., functionalism or property dualism.


  1. People who believe in personal immortality usually think that after they die, they will be the same persons they were when they were alive.  Also, they believe they will remember their earthly lives.  Perry says these two beliefs imply contradiction. Explain Perry’s arguments. Is there any way to reconcile these two views?


  1. Mackie argues that the problem of evil refutes theism.  Explain Mackie’s arguments.  Pojman says (p. 138) that “the main defense of theism in the light of the problem of evil is the free will defense.”  What is the free will defense?  Does it work?


  1. Critically analyze Hick’s position on the problem of evil.