Midterm Exam

You must write on all of the following questions.

Grading criteria for essays (see Syllabus):

  • demonstrated familiarity with assigned reading;

  • clear statement of relevant philosophical argument and counterargument (i.e., arguments from lectures and assigned reading);

  • competent English composition skills.

The mid-term is take-home. It is worth 25% of your final grade. You can hand it in before the due date, but not later. See class calendar for due date.

Online students: Submit your assignment to the assignment dropbox in Angel. For instructions on how to submit your assignment to the assignment dropbox, please see "How to Submit a Drop Box Assignment" (page 23) of the Angel Student Quickstart Guide.

  1. Explain as completely as possible why Nietzsche says that Christianity is “the most fatal and seductive lie that has ever yet existed”.

  2. What, according to Marx, is the good life? Why is it unattainable under capitalism? Critically analyze Marx's views.

  3. Explain the difference between Simple Subjectivism and Emotivism.

  4. Explain and critically analyze: “Morality depends on God’s command”.

Grades and comments for will be available no later than one week after the due date. To check your grade, look in "My Grades." If you have submitted your file correctly, I will return it to you in a browser-readable format, graded, with hypertext comments. I'd appreciate it if you read the comments carefully.




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