1. Analyzing advertisements.


Holiday Inn Hotels-Resorts, VIA Magazine May/June 2003 issue


This ad shows a family eating a meal, with Mom pleasantly looking over at her daughter, brother smiling across the table at his sister, dad is leaning back with his fingers meeting behind his head, a relaxed posture, while the third child is smiling directly at you from the picture.  They are in an elegant restaurant eating common kids[SAL1]  foods, hamburgers and french-fries for one, fried chicken strips with French fries for another,[SAL2]  both children are having milk, the third child’s plate cannot be seen as it is blocked by his body.  Dad is eating a steak and having an ice tea, while mom is having chicken breast, noodles and vegetables with a soda.  They are what are thought to be the typical Caucasian family even down to their 2.5 children.  They are dressed nicely,[SAL3]  kids are casual in long pants and a nice shirt [SAL4] dad is in a polo type shirt [SAL5] mom is in a casual sweater.  The add reads “Relax… Dinner’s On Us!” [SAL6] then in smaller print it identifies what is actually free, up to $24.00 per night, ($12.00 per person) and as always kids eat free. [SAL7]  Then there are further restrictions placed [SAL8] as it is only kids under twelve years of age and only if accompanied by an adult.  Furthermore there are indications that you receive a “Free Dinner Rate”, for your period of stay with the Holiday Inn. It indicates that you must reserve you [SAL9] stay under this rate and in advance.


In this add [SAL10] there are so many swaying areas[SAL11] .  First you see the happy white family apparently enjoying their free meal.  They are all so happy [SAL12] to be there.  They are in an elegant restaurant, eating great food with perfectly behaved kids.  This is expressing to the consumer that you [SAL13] want to stay with the Holiday Inn,[SAL14]  they will give you and your family free meals.  There are several problems with this message however; the meals are not truly free as you must stay at their hotel under the “Free Dinner Rate”, in addition to only have[SAL15]  twelve dollars credit towards your meal per person.  This may be difficult, as the restaurant that they are in doesn’t appear to be a twelve-dollar restaurant.     [SAL16] The two-inch mini print is a good indication of the incredible restrictions that come with this so-called deal.  In addition showing the happy family conveys to the consumer that you will have a better time if you stay with their hotel as opposed to staying somewhere else.  This is targeted to attract all types of consumers, as it shows what our culture accepts as the normal and acceptable family is having such an incredible time.[SAL17] 




Mc Donald’s, Seen on Nick Jr. (Television channel)


Here Ronald Mc Donald, the mascot for Mc Donald’s Restaurant is seen running, skipping and playing with children.  Ronald is an adult male that is a clown; he is tall with red hair clown appropriate face [SAL18] paint and a yellow, red and white jump suit sort of attire[SAL19] .  He is going from place to place gathering children to come with him to his favorite place, his restaurant.  The song he sings has several lyrics, yet the most catching is  “put a smile on, put a smile on, everybody come on…” and “Making the world a better place…” while playing and encouraging the children to come with him. They finally arrive at their destination and everyone is happy especially Ronald.


This image is incredibly scaring!  A clown is coming for our children and they are leaving joyfully with him.  This commercial is definitely trying to attract the young consumer, hoping to get mom and dad to bring their child after they beg mom or dad.  I am not entirely sure which more is frightening [SAL20] the fact that this ad is targeted at children, the restaurant means to manipulate a helpless child to young to see the add [SAL21] for what it truly is or that a scary clown, a stranger, is hoping[SAL22] , jumping and running away with our children. Child abduction is a reality, it is what we educate our children not to do, go away with a stranger.[SAL23]   Abductions by strangers are the leading causes of missing children. In this add [SAL24] it is clear that Ronald is saying that by coming to Mc Donald’s, you would be making the world a better place and that you will be so happy as to put a smile on.[SAL25] 



Television Included in the SJ Mercury News, Sunday Edition


NBC has placed an ad to attract television viewer to watch their shows.  There is a Friends ad as[SAL26]  Ross and Joey are pictured [SAL27] with a Hollywood star.  Below this half of the caption, are Will and Grace and other cast members with another Hollywood star.  In both parts of this ad, members of the casts are smiling and appear happy.  The local news is highlighted [SAL28] so that potential views know exactly where to find the show as well as the time indicated.  [SAL29] In mini print there is a website, which is the reason why [SAL30] I chose this ad, Get NBC stuff@ NBC.com. 


In this ad,[SAL31]  subtly [SAL32] is probably [SAL33] the most accurate descriptive word that I would choose to identify this ad.  They have placed a desire to get NBC stuff, which they indicate that NBC is a happy place [SAL34] through the happy faces displayed for their happy, funny shows.  Since these happy, funny people are part of NBC, this ad targets that the stuff that NBC offers will also make you happy, funny.  In addition the blatant exist as well in this ad[SAL35] , which is watch our shows [SAL36] they will make you happy and they are funny.



1-800-Dentist, a commercial on television


In this add [SAL37] there is a gentleman being served at a dinner,[SAL38]  he attempts to flirt with his waitress.  His friend or the gentleman sitting beside him tells him, that he doesn’t have a romantic chance with the waitress as his teeth are in poor condition.  Then a woman approaches him and tells him about 1-800-dentist.  Following that an operator [SAL39] or simulated operator appears telling you why you should choose 1-800-dentist.  She indicates that they [SAL40] know their dentist[SAL41] , that some have been with their service for many years and that the best way to obtain information about a dentist is through their company.  It then indicates that their dentist sponsor the ad in very small print.[SAL42] 


Now this ad is aimed at the uneducated or simple-minded.  Clearly if the dentist [SAL43] that they represent paid for the referral it is in 1-800 Dentist’s best interest to only speak favorably about the dentist they refer to.  They only refer to a “select few dentists” as those are the only dentists willing to pay the referral companies fees.  It says to the consumer don’t think for yourself, your [SAL44] not competent to do so, let us think for you.


Herbal Essence, Hair products, Television Ad


In this ad the hair products are said to have an “organic experience”, [SAL45] the woman in the ad is beautiful, her hair is beautiful.  She is in the shower and is exhilarated by the experience of shampooing her hair.  She is moaning and crying out “yes, yes, yes”, as her partner looks on in disappointment if the shampooing experience being better [SAL46] than an experience with him.


This ad indicates that by using their products you’re sure to have an incredible experience.  They show a woman, satisfied [SAL47] then a man jealous.  This sends a message to the consumer saying, if your [SAL48] unable to get satisfaction from your partner perhaps you can get it by using our shampoo.  You will be satisfied with it; it is so incredible that it is like an orgasism[SAL49] .  This ad is targeted to reach woman[SAL50] , as women do most of the shopping.  It is showing how happy they will be if one [SAL51] were to use their product.











  1. To what degree should one believe the news on commercial media?


One should be discriminating when accessing information obtained through the commercial media.  The media tends to slant issues based on the revenues it may obtain for them[SAL52] .  They are careful not to offend major corporations as to loose [SAL53] valuable profits.  In addition to this they are also somewhat manipulated by major corporations as well as the government as they offer leads [SAL54] of information that may serve the [SAL55] benefit of the government or a corporation.  With this in mind to believe all that we view hear or read through the media would be based on what others would like for us to believe.  [SAL56] This is potentially dangerous as it may cause us to base decisions on false information.  Therefore one must view the information and think of possible motives for its delivery and who it may benefit.[SAL57] 



Extra Credit


What is Affluenza?


Affluenza is the ability of the commercial world to tell us what we need.   [SAL58] It is a condition affecting most of our society.  It instills the need to want more, work harder, spend more and actually have less.  It contributes to obesity, divorce, and a high bankruptcy rate. 


In our schools today we focus on health and nutrition, yet in our cafeterias we find soda machines and candy vendors.   Commercials are targeting our youth everyday [SAL59] to tell them what they want and how to get it by showing young adults [SAL60] wearing the jeans and showing a very attracting sexual couple.  Adults are targeted as well, through commercials, the car that they should have or the drink they need [SAL61] that will help them to perform better.  We are told that without these products we will not be happy or good enough.


This is proving to have a poor effect on society.  We are buying into the ads, believing that we will not be happy unless we have more.  The need for more is contributing to a high debt ratio as we are putting more purchases on credit cards and living a life style beyond our means.  By doing so we are causing domestic problem for families.  Without enough money couples are shown to have more disagreements, feel less satisfied with their lives and themselves in general. Without enough money and not valuing our purchases we as a society [SAL62] are filing more bankruptcies then [SAL63] ever.


Obviously (to Marxists) the capitalists control both the market (i.e., no way is it free), and also both supply and demand (i.e., there is no neutral “law” of supply and demand). Capitalists clearly control supply; but they also control demand by their control of media, which they use to manipulate people’s perceptions of their “needs.” That is, capitalists make people think they need things that they really don’t need. Then, having created “demand,” capitalists can raise prices (leaving workers’ wages the same), and make more and more profits. Thus, says Marx, the condition of the worker inevitably gets worse and worse. The more he produces, the less he can buy.”,[SAL64]  This is from the viewpoint of the Marxist concept.  [SAL65] Further more [SAL66] as follows as quoted from Marxist[SAL67] , “True” ethics — what Engels calls “a really human morality” — has never happened; all morality so far has been “class morality,” the morality of the dominant or ascendent class.”  Marxist believes that as long as capitalism exists that the “good life” or true happiness will not exist.  Marxists also believes [SAL68] that capitalism exploit labor of people as well as the decline in human happiness does to the need or placed need to want more. [SAL69]  By manipulating the people that actually work to purchase capitalist are actually “cultural imperialism”[SAL70] , they feel that we then tend to view other as objects rather then [SAL71] as people.  It is alienating us from each other as well as our own thoughts and mind.



 [SAL1] 2

 [SAL2] 13 comma splice

 [SAL3] 13 comma splice

 [SAL4] 13 run-on

 [SAL5] 13 run-on

 [SAL6] 13

 [SAL7] 32

 [SAL8] 10, 22

 [SAL9] 6

 [SAL10] 6

 [SAL11] 21

 [SAL12] 10

 [SAL13] 7 This tells you that you

 [SAL14] 13 comma splice

 [SAL15] 7 you must stay ... and you get only ...

 [SAL16] 32 Do you mean it looks too expensive or not expensive enough?

 [SAL17] 47  Then from what you’ve said, the ad is NOT targeted to everyone.  It leaves out single people, gay people, elderly people, etc.

 [SAL18] 13

 [SAL19] 10

 [SAL20] 13

 [SAL21] 6

 [SAL22] 6 hopping?

 [SAL23] 12

 [SAL24] 6

 [SAL25] 10 Haven’t you already told the reader this?

 [SAL26] 32

 [SAL27] 22

 [SAL28] 22

 [SAL29] 10 where and when to find

 [SAL30] 10

 [SAL31] 10

 [SAL32] 32 “subtle”?

 [SAL33] 43

 [SAL34] 32

 [SAL35] 32 huh?

 [SAL36] 13

 [SAL37] 6

 [SAL38] 13 comma splice

 [SAL39] 10, 13 Then an operator

 [SAL40] 9

 [SAL41] 3 dentists?

 [SAL42] 12, 3 “in small print that their dentists sponsor the ad”

 [SAL43] 32 I am not clear how many dentists you think are being referred to, since you keep shifting between singular and plural.

 [SAL44] 6 you’re

 [SAL45] 32 hair products are having an experience?

 [SAL46] 32 as if the shampoo experience were better?

 [SAL47] 13

 [SAL48] 6 you’re

 [SAL49] 6 orgasm

 [SAL50] 3 women?

 [SAL51] 7 they

 [SAL52] 32

 [SAL53] 6

 [SAL54] 6 loads?

 [SAL55] 10

 [SAL56] 32

 [SAL57] This would be an opening paragraph for the answer.   Where’s the rest of it?


Exam Content Grade:   D (since the second essay is virtually missing, this is very generous!)




Deduction for tech errors: 30%





Exam Grade:   35%   (35% of 120 points = 42)






 [SAL58] 44  Affluenza is a state of mind, no?

 [SAL59] 6

 [SAL60] 12

 [SAL61] 12

 [SAL62] 32 societies don’t file for bankruptcy, do they?

 [SAL63] 6

 [SAL64] 13, 20  Someone else wrote those words (ME!).  You must give credit!

 [SAL65] 10 the Marxist viewpoint

 [SAL66] 6

 [SAL67] 32

 [SAL68] 3

 [SAL69] 32 huh?

 [SAL70] 32

 [SAL71] 6


This is skimpy and careless sentence structure makes it difficult to read.

ECR Content Grade:  D


65% of 75 = 49





49 + 42 = 91 / 195