Subjectivism: Objectives and Readings

Subjectivism is the meta-ethical view that moral claims are "subjective" and not "objective." Ethical subjectivists usually use ordinary (but philosophically naive) notions of "subjective" and "objective." I explain and critically analyze these naive notion in Thinking Critically About the "Subjective"/"Objective" Distinction, which is one of the assigned readings for this section.


After reading the material for this section you should be able to:

  1. Clearly explain simple subjectivism;

  2. Clearly explain the arguments against simple subjectivism;

  3. Clearly explain emotivism;

  4. Clearly explain the arguments against emotivism;

  5. Explain why reason matters in ethics.

  6. Write the answer to Question 3 of the Midterm Exam. (Start NOW.)

Week 9 JR Ch 3
Notes on Subjectivism
Thinking Critically About the "Subjective"/"Objective" Distinction



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