Richard RortyRichard Rorty

Rorty (1931-2007) was professor of Humanities at the University of Virginia and professor at Princeton. He came to West Valley in 2000, when he was visiting professor of humanities at Stanford.

His books include Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature (1980), The Consequences of Pragmatism (1982), Contingency Irony and Solidarity (1989), Philosophical Papers vol 1: Objectivity, Relativism and Truth, and vol 2 Essays on Heidegger and Others (both 1991), and Philosophy and Social Hope (1999).

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Richard Rorty was born in 1931 to two writers in New York City. He grew up in a family that was closely linked to the American Communist Party. As recorded in Philosophic Classics Vol. 5: Twentieth Century Philosophy, Rorty knew by the age of "twelve that the point of being human was to spend one's life fighting social injustice."

Rorty completed his B.A. and M.A. in philosophy in Chicago and finished his Ph.D. at Yale. He has also taught at Wellesley College, the University of Virginia, Stanford, and Princeton.

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