Study Guide for Philosophy 3
(Introduction to Ethics)

Sandra LaFave

This is the online study guide for Philosophy 3. If you want to see a typical syllabus for my Philosophy 3, click here. The Syllabus contains dates, assignments, grading policies, and other useful information.

Online Resources

Online Notes

The following are required reading for Dr. LaFave's sections of Philosophy 3. If you are taking Phil 3 online, all the following files have already been incorporated into the class in Angel.

If you have not taken Philosophy 1 (Introduction to Philosophy), or it's been a while since you've taken it, you may want to refer also to my Online Study Guide for Philosophy 1, especially the general background essays on free will, Hume, and Kant.

Who wrote this online study guide? Unless otherwise indicated, I, Sandra LaFave, wrote everything listed here. These materials are still being used in philosophy classes at West Valley College. So if you are in a philosophy class at West Valley College, it would be really dumb to plagiarize from these notes, right? If you are not a West Valley College student, remember that your philosophy teacher can find these pages as easily as you did.

Please note that these readings are IN ADDITION TO the assigned readings listed in the Syllabus.


Readings for Test on Critical Thinking


Readings for Test on Writing




Normative Ethics




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